Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Election Commission Dems Disappear for County Race

It appears that the "staff" of the Wisconsin Elections Commission can read State election laws very well--in SOME cases.

So on complaint from one candidate for Milwaukee County Exec, two other candidates were removed due to their violation of BLACK LETTER LAW.

(BLACK LETTER LAW is irrelevant and immaterial, however, when there are 240,000+ potential Democrat voters on the line.  "Staff" can't read that law at all.)

But wait!!  Read a bit further, and you find that the Democrat members of the Commission refused to go on the record against the two Democrats tossed from the race. 

...The full six-member commission didn't vote on the matter — staff made a recommendation to Administrator Meagan Wolfe. She consulted with Commission Chair Dean Knudson, who approved the decisions. 

He decided it was not necessary to call a meeting of the full commission to discuss or vote on the complaints, Wisconsin Elections Commission spokesman Reid Magney said via email. Magney added that the commission usually delegates these kinds of decisions to the administrator.

Knudson is a former Republican state lawmaker....

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