Wednesday, January 15, 2020

"Russkies Hacked Burisma"? Sure. No Doubt. /sarc

Bongino is very good at smelling the BS from the NYSlimes.

It's quite simple.  The Senate may hear witnesses in the Trump trial, and those witnesses may include people who are very familiar with Biden's Ukraine shakedown.  (Not that the Biden-bribe is the ONLY Democrat bribe/payoff scheme, mind you....)  Would the name "Soros" surprise you?

So.  The NYT was told to run this bullshit about "hacking."  That way, when the truth of Operative Comrade Ambassador Yovanovich's activities in Ukraine comes out during the Trump trial (or from Schweizer's book), the Democrats can protect Their Precious and his scumsucking friends by declaring:

It's all Russian operatives helping Trump!!!

Watch and see.  Meantime, watch the Bongino link above.  He's kinda fun.

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