Friday, January 24, 2020

Lizzie Fauxcahontas Gets Owned

Heh.  Lizzie, the not-Indian, not-fired, kids-in-private-schools, (D) lawyer and harridan, got verbally KO'd by a nice man in Iowa.

Video has emerged showing Senator Elizabeth Warren on Monday being confronted by a man who says her plan to forgive student loan debt would be unfair to people like him who worked hard to pay off what they owed....

...‘My daughter is in school, I saved all my money just to pay student loans, can I have my money back?’ the man says to Warren.

The senator from Massachusetts replies: ‘Of course not.’...

...The man then says: ‘So you’re going to pay for people who didn’t save any money, and those of us that did the right thing get screwed?’
Lizzie was unable to cook up a lie in response, so that's the end of the story.

What a dumbass babe she really is.

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Anonymous said...

Lizzie still ain't ready for primetime. She has the requisite black heart, but she's all rough edges. Not a bit of polish anywhere. An even semi-reputable media would be shredding this poser on the regular. The only reason they haven't is because she still has money to spend.