Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Nashotah Firm Wants More Food-Stamp Takers

The President wants to tighten up the "Public Charge" rule for immigrants.

Business interests object.  In short, they want more food-stamp and Medicaid users.

...The likely rejection of poor and unhealthy migrants required by the Public Charge rule will hurt business revenues, says the January 16 plea to federal judges by numerous companies, investor groups such as Mark Zuckerberg’s, and advocacy coalitions, such as the blue-chip Compete America coalition..."Because [green-card applicants] will receive fewer public benefits under the Rule, they will cut back their consumption of goods and services, depressing demand throughout the economy"
You can't make that up.  That's what they actually said.

So I got curious.  Which completely anti-taxpayer "companies" would sign on to this crap?

First thing I happened to see:

5300 N 33rd St LLC is headquartered in Nashotah, Wisconsin. It has no parent companies, and no publicly-traded company owns 10% or more of its stock.
The registered agent for that LLC is Mike Malatesta.

Other Wisconsin entities?  Sure!

PhotoFinishPlus is headquartered in Burlington, Wisconsin

The rest of the signatories are the Usual Suspects, largely from the West or East Coasts.  The kind of people you want dictating public policy, ya'know.

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