Thursday, November 22, 2018

My Letter to Abp. Listecki

Well, actually, it's not "my" letter.  As a result, I'll only post part of a news account about it.

In a letter to his flock following the dismal November General Assembly of Bishops in Baltimore, Bishop Shawn McKnight of Jefferson City, Missouri, expressed deep disappointment and frustration with the Vatican and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), while calling out the "cowards" and decrying what he called "episcopal arrogance" and an "insular" hierarchy.

The bishops at their biennial gathering were expected to (1) show the world that they were taking the Church's sexual abuse scandal seriously and (2) take concrete steps to ensure that nothing like the alleged crimes of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick happen again. By all accounts, they failed....
Meantime, Abp. Listecki has not resigned his commission as an officer of the U. S. Army.  Apparently that "coward" thing is no bar to picking up an extra $$$ few thousand/year, eh?

Maybe H.E. Listecki should run down to Chicago and get some....ahh......courage!!......from Cdl. Cupich, who isn't afraid of expressing his semi-demi-heretical views at all.

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