Sunday, November 11, 2018

US Bishops: Cowards and Liars

We already know what a coward H.E. Listecki (Army officer??  Feh!) is.  He can't bring himself to discipline a heretic and homosexualist priest of his own Archdiocese.  

Gutless wonder, he.

Well, he has a lot of company. 

In the linked video, Voris reports that the Bishops called the Baltimore cop-shop and lied about the poor little things being 'in danger' from a bunch of Catholics who will be praying about a block away from the Bishops.

Then they spent a crap-ton of Catholic money to hire extra security.  That in addition to their barricades and extra police protection.

There's a name for them:  girly-men.  And that holds in more ways than one, doesn't it?

How's the Fabulous Shopping in Baltimore, boys????

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