Thursday, November 01, 2018

MU Fires Provost

Read between the lines.

Marquette University provost Dan Myers has stepped down effective immediately, according to a news release from the university Wednesday.

MU President Michael Lovell appointed Kimo Ah Yun, dean of the Diederich College of Communication, as acting provost, the release said.

“All of us at Marquette are grateful to Dan for his leadership and the impact he made on the university over the past three years,” Lovell said in the release. “The chemistry and alignment of a president and provost are incredibly important for success, especially in a strong provost model of shared governance....
 Right-o, Mike!  You told the guy to get the Hell out of Dodge and he chose hara-kiri.

Maybe Myers had some sort of hangup about maintaining some shred of Catholicism at the place?


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