Saturday, November 03, 2018

Handwringing And Wrong: Goldberg and Ross

Jonah Goldberg is disappointed in President Trump.  So he wrings his hands while kvetching.  And Kimberly Ross--whoever she is--leans on Goldberg for support because she's just as kvetchy.

Amid the mail-bomb scare last week Trump tweeted about how unfair it is that CNN can criticize him “yet when I criticize them they go wild and scream, ‘It’s just not Presidential!’” The false equivalence is lost on him and on his biggest defenders. CNN isn’t the president. It’s in a different lane. And while some of its coverage is worthy of criticism, it isn’t — or shouldn’t be — a warrant for Trump to leave his lane.I don’t think Trump deliberately encouraged the slaughter in Pittsburgh. But every day he fuels a sense of chaos, a feeling that none of the norms or rules apply anymore. And that is bad enough. It certainly isn’t helping. The president is supposed to at least try.

Here in the real world, we know that lying and slandering are acts of enemies, not of 'friends of a different persuasion.'

You do understand "lying" and "slandering" do you not, Jonah and Kimberly?  You do know that those acts are evil, don't you, Jonah and Kimberly? 

So when CNN and its little-Gollum-brothers-and-sisters lie (see their obscuring of the 14th Amendment, e.g.) or slander (see "white supremacist" substituting for "nationalist") they are EVIL.  And they are--ipso facto--enemies of the public

Or maybe you think that liars and slanderers are just fuzzywuzzy pals?  Good luck with that.

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