Monday, November 12, 2018

Remember PJ Buchanan's Victory in FLA?


Many moons ago, PJ Buchanan emerged victorious from a Florida electoral battle (despite the smears and lies spread around by the Bush family that PJ is "anti-Semitic.")

Here's the reason for that--which you NEVER read in the MSM.

...Both Palm Beach and Broward have a very high percentage of retired and partially-disabled residents.  Many of them cannot see well enough to drive and/or are incapable of safely driving due to other conditions.  In 2000 the Democrat Party, which controls the SOE* in those counties, printed up "palm cards" with the number to punch to vote for Al Gore and handed them out by the thousands to Seniors they drove to the polls in buses.  But they were so incompetent that they printed the wrong number on said card -- it was actually for Buchanan instead of Al Gore, and the result was that a county with the heaviest representation of Jewish people in the state cast a higher percentage of votes for someone who has repeatedly raged against Israel than any other county!  Despite the screams of "hanging chads" and such the truth is that the Democrats attempted to cheat and it blew up in their face, costing them the Presidency....
*SOE=Elections Secretary

They've always cheated and they always will--until somebody puts the Broward Bitch in Federal prison for 20-to-life.

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