Sunday, November 11, 2018

Walker for AG? No, Thanks

Last Refuge notes that Scott Walker is being pushed to replace Sessions.  Since Walker does not have a degree in law, I think this is highly unlikely. 

(On the other hand, notorious Communist Eric Holder has a degree in law, and he broke as many as possible.  So what's the difference?)

Anyhow, Last Refuge has a comment about Walker which is telling.

...Given the history of Scott Walker and his relationship to big GOPe he would be a Never Trump pick.  Predictably, in his off hours, Walker would fly down to the border wall with his staff and personally use pick-axes to tear it down.  Walker, might not be Brutus, but he would polish the spear, drive Brutus to the White House and keep watch while the deed is done.  His ability to look in both directions simultaneously does have benefits....
I would categorize that as "unfriendly."

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