Saturday, November 03, 2018

GM: Confused and Bloodied

General Motors, under the presidency of a very competent HR manager, will be manufacturing electric bicycles for sale in 2019.  They will fold up and become smaller.  They will not have turn signals, nor a seat belt.

I am not kidding.  This may be a line extension of the Bolt.  One wonders if Ms. Barra will write to Donald Trump and demand that 20% of bicycle sales must be electrified bikes.  Bizarre?  No kidding!

Meantime, GM's Caddy Division has discovered that it can lose money renting ("subscribing") cars for $1800/month all-in:  insurance, maintenance, 2000 miles/month limit.

So the plan was cancelled. 

Here's a thought:  rent the bikes for $1800/month.  You may be able to make money on that.

Meantime, it will be very, very, difficult to purchase a diesel-powered pickup truck from GM in the 2019 model year.  Will a bicycle do, instead, sir?  Would you like fries with that, sir?

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