Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Vatican-Approved Fag Fake News!!

What a laugher we have here.

...the Vatican, building on its phony youth synod last month, is now beginning to quietly circulate an unofficial list of approved Catholic media.

That job has been given to gay cheerleader Fr. Thomas Rosica, who, recently appearing at a Boston event for the Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, handed out a list of "approved" Catholic media.

Here it is, and to absolutely no one's surprise, his renegade heretical outfit Salt and Light was the second one on the list. But so too was Jesuit rag America magazine, the Vatican-condemned National Catholic Reporter and the United Kingdom's liberal The Tablet....
Yup.  Those are the 'Catholic' equivalents of CNN, MSNBC, Vice, and SeeBeeEsss.

Waiting for Dan Rather to emerge as "news" chief for any of them.  Since he's really, really, old, he'll have to hire a successor immediately.  Acosta?  Liasson?  Matt Lauer?

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GOR said...

As someone has noted, this list is a good representation of sites orthodox Catholics should avoid.

Thanks, Fr. Rosica, but we knew that anyway. You're a bit behind the times, just like the current regime in the Vatican.