Sunday, November 11, 2018

Seventh Grade Forever!! "Singers" in Madistan

If you've observed publik-screwels teachers at any length, you have observed their general conformance to junior-high school behavioral tendencies.  No, not all of them; some have matured.

So we're not surprised to see this (courtesy Althouse)

Don Johnson made a brand new sign for Wednesday’s meeting of the Solidarity Sing Along. Inspired by Democrat Tony Evers’ victory over Gov. Scott Walker, the message was simple and to the point: “There is a God.”

“I can’t sing worth a damn, so I make signs,” says Johnson, a retired teacher and regular participant in the noontime political demonstration group that has been protesting Walker’s policies via song since March 2011. “I come down here every day — it’s like home.”

Wednesday’s meeting was the group’s 1,999th, and the mood in the Capitol Rotunda was joyful. Nearly 100 singers accompanied by drums — and those infamous vuvuzelas — belted out old favorites like “We Shall Overcome” and debuted some new songs written specially to celebrate Tuesday’s historic shift in Wisconsin politics....
They intend to be a carbuncle for a long, long, time.  This is what Public Sector Unions teach their members.

That's something to brag about, eh?

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