Wednesday, November 14, 2018

"Right-Wing, Conservative" Agenda? What's That?

Fr. Longenecker can't help himself.  He has to throw nasties, even if they're meaningless.

...Some of the pope’s critics not only dislike and misunderstand Pope Francis, but they also don’t want to like him or understand him. This is because they are driven by their own right wing, conservative agenda. They’ve cast him as the bad guy and everything he does will be seen through their paranoid spectacles....
First of all, who cares if someone "likes" or "dislikes" the Pope?  When did the Church become poll-driven, Father?

Second--and far more important--what is a "right wing, conservative agenda" in terms of the Catholic Church?  (We can ask the same question about a "left wing, liberal agenda," by the way.)  Those are meaningless terms vis-a-vis the Church.  In Catholic-land, one is orthodox or not.  So are you trying to say that orthodoxy is "right wing conservative", or what, exactly?

Those terms don't cross over, do they?  But like polling, they are meaningful for politicians.

Perhaps you should take off your "Politics Is Church" hat before you knock out another quickie column.  This ain't politics and it ain't beanbag.  The Church, and her members, are supposed to play for keeps.

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Stephen Lowe said...

Well said...notice he takes no comments...typical egomaniac.