Sunday, November 18, 2018

Did Trump Defeat Walker? Nope.

Much as Big-Gummint Tommy Thompson would like to spin Walker's defeat as a 'Trump problem,' good ol' Big-Gummint Tommy has a few things to explain.

Like, for example, how every single incumbent (R) Congressman was re-elected and how a relatively-unknown (R) won Ryan's old district.  And how a hard-core conservative (R) Jacques took a Senate seat from a (D) in DePere. 

Yah, there's that.

Thompson may have had a solution.

..Thompson said his recipe for securing a third term included firing up his Republican base early and spending the last year of the term to win over independents and Democrats.

"It was something that no other candidate really tried to do," Thompson said. "That’s what needed to be done but nobody listened and followed my lead on that."...
 The Democrats don't agree.

...By 2018, he was tacking to the middle on health care and education, which made him look like "the incredible shrinking governor," said Democratic strategist Joe Zepecki. 

"The longer Scott Walker was governor, the smaller he got," he said. ,,,
In other words, Walker did what Thompson suggested--and he lost anyway.  Thompson, like a lot of other Old Bulls/Establishment types, can't abide the fact that Trump walked all over them, so to Tommy (and Charlie Sykes, and Bill Kristol, and John "Postal" Kasich, and Paul Ryan) it's all "Orange Man Bad."  Thompson is quoted a lot because Thompson does what the Press wants.  Surprised??

Here's a thought:  yes, Walker ran a bad campaign, and yes, the (D) turnout was spectacular.  But was Evers that much better a candidate than Walker?  Hell, no.  Evers, much like Tammy Baldwin, was a cipher.  Just like Tammy, he never did anything.  (He didn't yank licenses from pervert teachers, but his voters didn't worry about that.)

It was eight years of drumbeat MSM "Walker Bad" that had a lot to do with this, particularly in Dane County.  Walker alienated every single State worker with Act 10, but beyond that, Walker made serious mistakes in picking personnel for his cabinet, just like he did in Milwaukee County.  There were lots of rumors about 'evil deeds' circulating around the State, but few of the rumors were substantiated; most were political disagreements re-written (by the Press) to look like crimes.  And--by the way--nobody attributed any of those rumored 'evil deeds' directly to Walker.  Hmmmm. 

The Press screamed about 'Walker Bad' every single day for eight long years.  Was he corrupt?  No.  Was he ambitious?  Yes.  (Was Baldwin ambitious?  Why, yes!  Yes, indeed!!  Didja read about that?)

The Press was a major factor in the death of Walker.

This is what The Press is now doing to Donald Trump.  The Press--actually, the transcriptionist for the Democrat Party--is screaming "Orange Man Bad" at the top of its lungs.  They have criminalized Trump's style; they have criminalized his policies; they have criminalized his foreign policy.   Trump may be right on all of them, but that's ignored, just like the unemployment rate, or the enormous tax-revenue haul of last quarter. 

It worked on Walker. 


Kjanz1899 said...

The CD01 race was between an unknown law abiding citizen and an unrepentant unknown who stiffed his exgirlfriend until his lawyer paid off his debt to her.

Dad29 said...

The lawyer did not pay her off. That came from campaign funds provided courtesy of Nancy Pelosi's machine, then to the lawyer, then to the woman.

Sure it's illegal. What are you going to do about it?

The good news: the Democrat machine wasted several million on the dumbass candidate, just like they wasted about $70 million on the rich white boy in Texas.