Friday, November 02, 2018

Actually, Fr. James Martin SJ Lies. Surprised??

It is not surprising that a liar like Fr. Martin is so smooth, so ...ahhh.....convincing.  That's why he's good at it.

But, in fact, he lies.

The Register interviewed Fr. Paul Sullins, Ph.D., a retired Professor of Sociology--by definition, a fellow conversant with 'studies' and 'demographics' and suchlike.  And that retired Professor found that the correlation between homosexuals in the priesthood and homosexual attacks/abuse is .98.

Dot nine eight.  When 1.00 is perfect.

I use data from a survey that was done in 2002 that measured the sexual orientation of Catholic priests and used a modified Kinsey scale, which in this case was a five-point scale, measuring from a completely homosexual orientation to completely heterosexual orientation and then categories in between; and also ask about year of ordination and the year of birth. And so from that, I’m able to compute what percentage of priests reported a homosexual orientation in any given year, going back to the 1950s. And when I overlay that trend with the trend and abuse, it’s almost a perfect correlation. The correlation is 0.98. A perfect correlation is 1.0. So it’s as close an association as you can get.
In the 1950s, about 3% of priests were of a homosexual orientation, by their own reports. By the 1980s, that had risen to over 16%. So we have sort of a fivefold increase in the percentage of priests who are homosexual, in a pretty straight line from the 1950s through the 1980s. And we have a very similar increase in abuse incidents over that same period, and we don’t know the sexual orientation of any particular abuser. So we’re inferring from the association of those two correlations that there’s some influence of one on the other. So my conclusion has to be the opposite of that of the John Jay Report.
 Yah.  We're not surprised, either.

But there is something else here that is VERY important.

I don’t think that these results in any way imply that homosexual persons are natively inclined or internally inclined to commit abuse at a greater rate than heterosexual persons.
 Then he follows up with a partial truth (probably not deliberately so):

Most child abuse that happens in most settings is perpetrated by heterosexual males. It usually in families
What's "partial" about the above is this:  hetero-male-family-abusers are almost NEVER the natural father of the child.  The abuser is a stray cat, or perhaps the step-father (actually married to the mom.)   It's too bad that Fr. Sullins did not qualify his remark carefully.

Read it and continue lying, Fr. Martin.  We expect no more of you!!


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Gary Lockhart said...

James Martin LFBTQSJ is the pied piper of sodomy.