Monday, November 26, 2018

Screw Nancy McMaster. Take the Oil!

You may recall (I do) that there was open discussion of taking Iraqi oil as re-payment for the US' expenses in the Iraq War.  That discussion may or may not have emanated from Bush's administration, but it was serious, and it was on the table.

Until it wasn't.

Apparently President Trump is still looking for reimbursement for the $$$Trillion or so that the US spent on that s***hole.

But Nancy McMaster doesn't like that sort of talk.

Former national security adviser H.R. [call him "Nancy"] McMaster once rebuked President Trump after he raised the possibility of taking Iraq's oil to compensate the U.S. for the money it has spent on the country's war in a phone call with Iraq's then-Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, according to a report. 

"We can't do this and you shouldn't talk about it because talking about it is just bad," a source told Axios in a report published Sunday, referring to what McMaster said to Trump after the call in the summer of 2017. "It's bad for America's reputation, it'll spook allies, it scares everybody, and it makes us look like. I don't remember if he used words this harsh like criminals and thieves, but that was the point he was trying to get across."...
 Well, OK, Nancy.  Then YOU write a check for the balance due.  We jacked a bunch of money out of Germany and France for WWII;  no reason Iraq can't pop a few hundred million barrels our way.

By the way, Nancy, how's that "democratization" program of yours coming along?



Simple living said...


There are times I can't stop laughing after reading your posts. Thanks for the great writing.

Dad29 said...


I wish it were actually "good" writing. Thanks!!