Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Cdl. McCarrick's Biggest Betrayal

Much has been written about Cdl. McCarrick's predatory homosexual attacks on seminarians.  Not so much has been written about Cdl. McCarrick's effort to demolish the Catholic Church in Red China.

Fr. Rutler mentions McCarrick's effort in an essay which calls to memory the poem about the spider and the fly.  He recalls other infamous 'diplomacy,' such as the Church's concordat with the Nazis and the conscious, deliberate, refusal to condemn Communism by Pius XII, John XXIII, and Paul VI.

Then he mentions martyrs--white or red--to that 'diplomacy,' including Cdl. Mindszenty, Cdl. Zen of the present day, and of course, the hundreds of thousands of nameless Catholics who have died for the Faith in the regimes of Stalin, Mao, and their successors and puppets.

Fr. Rutler did not need to remind us of Stalin's plan to seed the Church's seminaries with Communist, homosexual, 'candidates' for the priesthood.  Why should he bother?  The evidence is far too plain and visible.

A few dozen years ago, E. Michael Jones essayed about the connection between disordered liturgical and doctrinal thought and the homosexuality of prelates and priests.  Jones did not mention succumbing to the disorder of Communism.  He should have.  Jones did not mention that only one Apostle was a diplomat, either.  Rutler does.  He was the Apostle who swung.


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