Wednesday, November 21, 2018

CJ Roberts Has Sad Feeeelz

Apparently the Chief Justice is having sadzzz and badfeeelzzz, so he sniped at Trump for calling a spade a spade.

In high dudgeon, the Chief Justice yapped about "justice for all", and peace on earth, the American Way, and goodwill to.........ahh, you get it.  Platitudes about how earnest the judges are.

This from a guy who simply re-writes BLACK LETTER LAW when he feels like it.

...As we all know, two years ago, Chief Justice John Roberts changed the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate into a tax and thus rescued President Obama’s signature legislation. What you may not know is that with this slight of hand—or flick of the wrist—he actually sent Obamacare flying from the constitutional frying pan into the constitutional fire.

That is, if you accept the Great Alchemist’s transmogrification of a penalty-enforced regulation into a mere tax on the condition of not owning health insurance—in other words, a “unicorn tax,” a creature of no known provenance that will never be seen again—if you accept that, you torque up the ACA’s constitutional tension vis-à-vis the Origination Clause....
Stuff it, CJ Roberts.  You're just another popinjay with a black robe doing incantations and casting hexes without too much regard for the Constitution, Congress, or national security.

You think that's not polite enough for Your Society?  Tough.  

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