Friday, November 02, 2018

Snickerfreude Grandpa, Part One's not really "schadenfreude," because I don't necessarily take "delight" at the mis-ambulations of grandchildren.  "Snickerfreude" would be a better term.  We remember those days WE had, and snicker.

A certain grandchild dumped out a box of toy cars onto the floor.  His Mom saw that and figured that he was going to play with the cars, so she marched into the basement to begin a pile of laundry.

When she came back up the stairs, she found that the grandchild had far more elaborate plans.....

He had flipped the box over so he could stand on the bottom and then reach the candy-corn-filled jar on a low shelf.  Yes, he was stuffing his face with it.  But HE WAS SHARING, being a very nice young fellow.  Unfortunately, he was sharing with the family dog--who is not very bright--and who wound up puking three times.  Lovely orange-yellow sort of stuff.  Didn't match the carpet well at all. 

Grandchild suffered no ill effects other than the humiliation of reprimand accompanied by a slightly reddish butt area.

That was yesterday.

Today, that grandchild's older brother was home from school and the two were playing on the couch.  Apparently the older one wanted the younger one to be just like a "Slinky" toy, so he planted the younger one on the couch in a sitting position, then ran to the back of the couch, grasped the younger's arms, and pulled him over the couch backwards.

The Slinky toy dislocated a shoulder.

Hospital, followed by a big bowl of Culver's, which made it all better.

Heh.  We commenced not-very-muted snickerfreude on seeing the frozen-custard video.....

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