Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Pope Peronista Is Freezing Out Cdl Burke & Bp. Schneider

We all had thoughts regarding the current Pope, and knowing that he's a Peronista gives one a leg up on understanding him.  Peron was disliked by conservatives AND liberals; he admired the governments of Mussolini and Hitler (!) and claimed to be a 'populist.'

One element of Peron's governing technique is very familiar today:

...The populist leader was intolerant of both left-wing and conservative opposition. Though he used violence, PerĂ³n preferred to deprive the opposition of their access to media....
Well, well, well.

We are told that Bp. Athanasius Schneider of Astana and Cd. Burke of LaCrosse are both under restrictions by our Papal Peronist; Schneider was told to stay home a lot more, and US Bishops have been told not to invite Cd. Burke to their diocese--and if he comes, they should NOT be at Burke's event, whatever it may be.

None of these instructions are written, of course.  That would give rise to canon-law actions by Schneider and Burke.

The commonality?  Both actions are designed to reduce press coverage of these faithful men.

Don't be surprised.  If our little one-lunged Peronist gets his way, a lot worse is coming down the pike.

(ADDED:  Ed Peters has pertinent remarks about this situation.  Can you spell "schism"?  And don't assume Peters refers to Burke and Schneider, folks.... )

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GOR said...

The cloak of ‘humility’, ‘mercy’ and ‘hagan lio’ of the present occupant of the Holy See has already fallen with a thud. Pope Bergoglio has shown himself to be two-faced, vindictive, petty, potty-mouthed and totally disregarding of rational discourse.

There is NOTHING that he has to say or do (other than repent…) that should occupy any faithful Catholic. Hopefully, in the modern age, he is an aberration, a one-off, never to be repeated.

He will go down as the most-divisive, deviant and destructive pontiff in modern times – likewise his coterie of sycophant enablers – Maradiaga, Parolin, Tagle, Spadaro, Rosica, Tobin, Farrell and many others.