Saturday, November 10, 2018

Danny Kohl Harming Jews

Danny Kohl, Herb Kohl's nephew and decided loser of a 2018 Congressional race, does no favors for American Jews.  Kohl is a co-founder of "J Street," a Leftist hate-group.

...J Street, for instance has been a leading voice accusing Trump of responsibility for the massacre in Pittsburgh. Two days after the attack, J Street, which bills itself as “pro-Israel and pro-peace,” sent out an email about the event to its supporters. J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami opened the letter with a nice call to “come together in support of the victims, their loved ones, the congregation and the entire city of Pittsburgh,” and “to grieve and comfort one another, standing together in solidarity.”
But then he turned to the real business at hand. Ben-Ami insisted that the gunman, Robert Bowers, was “motivated in part” by “by anti-immigrant, antisemitic thought that has been spread not only by far-right groups, but by President Trump and some of his allies in the Republican party.”

Ben-Ami provided no evidence for his incendiary claim. And he ignored the fact that Bowers had expressed hatred for Trump specifically due to the President’s friendship and support for the Jewish people and Israel....

So long as hate groups like J Street defame, insult, and agitate against supporters of Trump and Trump himself, those supporters will be less and less tolerant of US Jews.  We're getting very close to 'seventy times seven.'

So Danny:  tell your pals to shut up, please.

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