Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sykes Is Right, but Wrong

Charlie observes that due to Ryan's Compromise, the budget is off the table in '14, leaving The Trainwreck front and center.  That's probably a good thing.

But by 2015, Gummint debt will be ~130% of GDP.  Does Sykes think his children and grandchildren will be magically protected from paying that off?  Does Sykes think that future Congresses, IF (R)-held, will actually pay down the debt?  Does Charlie think that there will be a recovery from the Obozo/Bush Recession?  (Hint:  auto sales are tanking; it's reported that new-car inventory is now 96 days (more for Ford ex-pickups.)

Talk about Unicorn Sparkles.....

By the way, Charlie, let's not forget that 'losing the Senate' required loser candidates.  Shall we talk about the Establishment pick in Wisconsin?


Terrence Berres said...

One 'way out' has been inflation. "Investors who bought Treasury bonds in 1946, when yields were around current levels, did not suffer a formal default. But over the following 35 years they lost money in real terms at a rate of 2% a year. The cumulative real loss was 91%. By that standard, Greek creditors, who recently suffered a 50% loss via default, were lucky." -The Economist

Anonymous said...

"Shall we talk about the Establishment pick in Wisconsin?"

Run for office, Dad29. Take out those RINO's.

Otherwise, if you still vote for them, YOU also contribute to the problem.

Anonymous said...

Dud29 talks a good talk. But like so many of the causes and politicos he decries, he always stops at the water's edge.

Dad29 said...

Little Pubbie clerk Anony shows up again!!