Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Home Run From Ace

Yah, I point to the guy's blog a lot.  But here's one that really hits it out of the park.

In a discussion of the ObozoCare advertising campaign (which YOU paid for, thankyouverymuch), Ace concludes this way: man wants to think of himself as either a shouty, drunken meathead or, alternatively, as a twee goof in footie pajamas. And I don't think women want to think of themselves as so terribly shallow as to, quite literally, only care about a major health care law to the extent it buys them birth control pills so they can fornicate with "hot guys."

Feminist leftists spend half of their time insisting that women are more than their reproductive functions and, it seems, the other half insisting they are only that.

It's very strange seeing the imagery and messages that the mutants of the political left think that young people will respond to. Because when someone guesses "This will appeal to other people," their first guide is what will appeal to they themselves.

So this, then, is how Obama's minions think about themselves, first of all.

Indeed.  It's precisely that and it has a name in psychiatry, too:  projection.

There's another application, of "projection" by the way.  The gun-grabbers have railed about "wild west" shootouts and have worked VERY hard to find a 'rightist' in every recent mass shooting.  They've not been very successful.

That's because (in addition to the broken-family factor noted below), there's this:  from Oswald to present, almost every "mass shooter" or assassin has been a Lefty or a crazy.  Gerry Ford's wannabee shooter-babe?  Lefty.  The Boston bombers?  Lefty/Muslims.  The most recent Colorado shooter?  Lefty.  The Connecticut school-shooter?  Crazy.  The Arizona shooter?  Crazy.  The California parent-shooters?  Lefties.

It's also possible that Crazy = Lefty, I know.

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