Monday, December 16, 2013

Say What, RoJo?

In RoJo's 'cave note' on the Ryan proposal, we find the following:

"This is a limited agreement that prevents government shutdowns through fiscal year 2015 that would hurt economic growth and new job creation.  --quoted at Sykes

So "government shutdowns" hurt economic growth and new job creation"?

That's news.  Maybe RoJo can point to statistics that prove his point.  More likely he can't.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I've missed something, but I've not heard either Johnson or Ryan claim that the new budget deal is a good one, merely the best one Ryan could get. While conservatives and tea party-types have a presence in Congress we actually control nothing. Nothing. Until there are more right-minded Republicans in Congress less than ideal compromises will remain in our future. For now fighting to a draw is success. Frustrating, but true.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you name a few people, in Congress or otherwise, who's politics you actually respect. Maybe blog about them.

Because it just seems like you hate everyone. And that seems to be the only thing matters to you.

Dad29 said...

There, there, Anony 10:33. Have a good cry and it'll be all better in the morning.

You'll find plenty of RoJo praise on my blog if your Mom lets you use the computer.

But when he goes wacko, I slap him.