Saturday, December 14, 2013

Definition of the Ruling Class

Just a couple of sentences out of a larger story:

...The DHS inspector general has been probing a slimy visas-for-sale scheme tied to the Obama bundler for the past 15 months. (One reason for the delay: the IG’s office itself is under investigation for unethical behavior and favoritism.)...

Just one slimebucket after another in endless succession, kinda like the Bar Scene in Star Wars.

This, folks, is 'the Ruling Class' you pay for and labor under.  Or--if you like--this is the Ruling Class' posse.



Anonymous said...

No, not happy. So, when are you running for office like a true patriot?

Dad29 said...

So the little Pubbie clerk is still reading this blog, eh?

Can't find a real job?

Anonymous said...

The fools often return from their errand angry with their overlords and the failed outcomes.

Or as Chesterton liked to say "fallacies do not cease to be fallacies because they become fashions."

John 11:52 - "...and Boehner wept."

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dad29. I do have a job.

Your daughter gave me a kind of a job this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Dad29 you rock. Keep up the great blog. Only the shy of brains make moronic comments here. It reflects why they are not employed. Another leach we pay for.