Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tax Tweaks? How About Spending Cuts, Gov Walker?

Interesting little note here:

Gov. Scott Walker indicated Tuesday he could be open to raising the sales tax or repealing some sales tax exemptions to pay for cuts to income or property taxes.

But he cautioned in an interview with that he's not proposing either step with the sales tax yet as part of his administration's discussions on tax reform. He also there would "absolutely have to be a correlation" between any sales tax hike and a cut in income or property taxes and he's been suspect of past proposals that advocate raising one tax to cut another


Gov. Thompson doubled State employees during his regime.  Diamond Jim Doyle increased the State payroll, too.

Does Gov. Walker mean to tell us that there are no SPENDING cuts available to him?

Or was this interview structured to ignore that possibility?


Anonymous said...

I very recently heard Walker discussing what kinds of taxing mechanisms would be considered in replacing the revenue lost by the possible elimination of the state income tax. His interest is in finding a strategy that uses the complete elimination of certain existing tax mechanisms rather than simply reducing those mechanisms now only to leave them vulnerable to future hikes. According to Walker every taxing strategy used in other states is being studied, but that's about as far as they've gotten. Didn't sound to me like he was anywhere near formulating a plan.

Talking openly about further spending cuts at this point would only serve to make more Dem heads explode. While that's certainly entertaining, why kick a rabid dog so close to Christmas?

Dad29 said...

Yah. It appears that the article was centered only on 'tax' stuff.

Frankly, I'd kick that rabid dog any damn time. Especially since Walker has all the weapons he needs to put down the pooch.