Friday, December 20, 2013

DHS, the Criminal Co-Conspirator

Seems that DHS is deliberately and knowingly assisting criminal enterprises in smuggling illegals into the country. wonders: why does Obama want to partner with these inhuman mass murderers? Why did he ship them thousands of lethal weapons through the Fast and Furious program? Why has he ordered his Department of Homeland Security not to arrest the cartel members who traffic in small children, but rather, to partner with those criminals to achieve the goals of their illegal conspiracies, and to assure that the cartels will be paid, even though countless U.S. laws are broken along the way? Why has Obama transformed DHS, which was supposed to be a law enforcement agency, into a collaborator with the world’s most homicidal gangs? Maybe there is an innocent explanation for Barack Obama’s conduct, but I can’t think what it might be. We may need to reassess our charitable judgment of Obama’s character....

No s*&^, Sherlock.


Anonymous said...

An illegal alien who resides in the United States hires someone to get their children into the United States. That person is caught with the child and arrested. The child is taken into custody, by which the child is then given to the parents by officials.

How inhumane is our government! That child ought to be thrown into the Rio Grande and drowned as a signal to illegal alien parents here in America that the reunification of a family cannot and will not be tolerated! AND, those parents should be shot...on sight. After all, they are not citizens of our great country.

That is the final solution!

Dad29 said...

Interesting that the "either/or" you suggest, Lefty One, results in the murder of two people.

Your Stalinist inclinations are showing.

Anonymous said...

The murdering of people is a trademark of religion, Dad29, with Christianity as no exception, when the true faith is perverted and subverted.

Dad29 said...

No. It's a trademark of Satan, who works through people whom he persuades.

There may be some religion someplace for which 'murder is a trademark,' but only a simpleton believes the BS you're spreading about Christianity.