Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Yup: Follow the Money

Told ya' so!!

...To reduce this risk, the administration said it could provide financial assistance to certain insurers through a program under which the government will share in their losses and profits for the next three years.

Any such assistance would come on top of federal subsidies that the government plans to pay insurers to make coverage more affordable for low- and middle-income people under the new law. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that those subsidy payments will exceed $1 trillion over the next 10 years.--NYTimes

The "risk" is the losses expected now that Obozo did his 180 on cancelling existing plans.

Back on 11/16 (see first link) I told you that Obozo offered a payoff to the insurers.  That was an easy call for Obozo:  it's not his money, of course.

It's your grandchildren's.



Saint Revolution said...

How come the utterly-failing scathing flaming attempt at a massive redistribution of wealth isn't working?

The poor are more poor than ever, the rich are richer than ever, the unemployed are more unemployed than ever, and the middle class, whom OBullshitter deceptively pretends to mock-protect, are paying all the government's bills and disappearing.

The real redistribution of wealth is coming only from the middle class...to create an nation of completely dependent subservient poor.

The lying muslim luciferian statist's socialistic and communistic attempts at redistribution of wealth are astounding abject failures.

The other half of ACA?

An massive tax increase disguised as socialized medicine to fill up the emptied coffers of an sociopathically-spendthrifty-liberal-caused bankrupted USA.

Somebody has to pay for the freemason-approved bailouts to their back-slapping cronies.

Remember the investment downgrade of the USA?

So many scandals filling up an encyclopedia of incompetence.

What a fucking mess...

...almost as big of a mess as the ├╝berliberal vomit spewing out of Annie's incontinent big liberal yap-cavern-mouth.

Anonymous said...

Here's Saint Revolution and I debating the audit of the Federal Reserve and how it applies to Obamacare:


Anonymous said...

The "existing plans" are total crapola. Those folks should thank Obozo for cancelling them.

Meanwhile, the Popozo calls out dud29 for his anti-Catholic rants.

Anonymous said...

Anyone smarter than an Obama voter can see the lame attempts at deflection by Anon 7:30 and 8:47. A sure sign that they can't refute the post, and that they are frustrated by the fact that their mothers cut them off suckling at age 26!