Friday, December 27, 2013

Back to Basics: Home and Family Econ

Not only is this old wisdom, it's not even disputed by the Left.

Only Obozo and his Statists are stupid enough to try reversing gravity.

...growing up outside of a two-parent family means lower income, less social mobility, and less “human capital” — is not controversial among social scientists. It is affirmed, Barone says, by undoubted liberals such as Harvard’s David Ellwood and Christopher Jencks.

Yet this fact seems vastly underappreciated in public policy debates. For example, President Obama is now avowedly focused on addressing income inequality and lack of upward mobility. But neither he nor anyone else of his political persuasion (or even much closer to the center) seems very interested in focusing on the relationship between these phenomena and the breakdown of the American family.

The reasons for this reticence are obvious. First, Obama does not want to offend unmarried parents, an important portion of his base. Second, Obama does not want to open up a discussion about the extent to which liberal policies and attitudes have contributed to family breakdown.

Nonetheless, the numbers demonstrate the centrality of family breakdown in the lack of social mobility....

Yup.  But attacking Christians for believing in monogamy, fidelity, marriage-before-kids, and all that stuff?

First on Obozo's list.


Anonymous said...

At least A&E came to their senses and realized that the rectum isn't a womb.

Billiam said...

You know, Dad. I'd love to see you go to comment moderation next year. These pos annonys are trash and not worthy of polluting this site. They are scum, and should be treated as such.