Monday, December 23, 2013

"Ordered" Liberty? Nope. "Libertine"

You've read about the Utah same-sex marriage case.  Some black-robed twit decided that gay "marriage" is permissible.

You haven't read the alleged 'reasoning.'

Seems that the (Federal) judge--appointed by Obozo--has declared that state-licensed marital perversion is 'deeply rooted in the nation's history and implicit in the concept of ordered liberty.'

We must have missed something in our history books.
“The alleged right to same-sex marriage that the State claims the Plaintiffs are seeking is simply the same right that is currently enjoyed by heterosexual individuals: the right to make a public commitment to form an exclusive relationship and create a family with a partner with whom the person shares an intimate and sustaining emotional bond,” wrote the judge.
“This right is deeply rooted in the nation’s history and implicit in the concept of ordered liberty
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Anonymous said...

The judge decided correctly in this case. And if he was unanimously approved by the Senate, he must have been approved by forty some-odd Republicans.

For a more comprehensive analysis try this.

Anonymous said...


Hates democracy

Anonymous said...

If "democracy" trumps all, why do we need the Second Amendment?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm dreaming of a WHITE Christmas.

Anonymous said...

The only objective of liberty is life...even for da gays and switch hitters. Explain for us again how queer marriage offends anything besides your delicate sensibilities.

Anonymous said...

The rectum is not a womb.

And people are getting sick and tired of the faggot agenda being shoved in their face.

For every action there is an opposite reaction. Can't wait for the sodomites to be shipped to death camps.