Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Big Gummint Gets Bigger!! The Cave, Explained

What a deal

First and most important, this is another CR.  That is, there will be no debate or discussion of each section of the budget; it's a lump:  take it all or leave it all.  (And you will take it all, right up your excremental orifice).  IOW, Ryan gave up the biggest weapon House Republicans have:  the ability to control specific spending requests--such as for ObozoCare (noted below.)

In addition:

...Under this agreement Congress would reinstate more than half the sequester for the next two years.  Budget caps would be set at $1.012 trillion in 2014 and $1.014 trillion in 2015; current law is $967 billion & $995 billion respectively.  It’s interesting how establishment Republicans argue that we can’t use the budget process to repeal Obamacare, but we evidently can use it to repeal the sequester....

...The most important outcome of this bill is the long-term effect on fighting Obamacare.  Rather than work out a one-year deal, Ryan essentially killed our leverage for the next two years.  So even if Obamacare becomes more catastrophic and the public rises up against it, we will not have any leverage to fight it in the budget process for next year.

RoJo signaled the cave on ObozoCare with a somewhat incoherent statement to the effect that the Republicans could 'live with' the  State exchanges.  He told National Review that his approach involves acknowledging the reality of the new structures established under Obamacare and offering a positive alternative. He said his plan might be summarized as “repeal, dismantle and transition to something better.

Huh?  One wonders what threat McConnell used to force RoJo into saying that.

Summary:  no guts, no glory.  Thanks, Paul.


Anonymous said...

Your heroes have conceded defeat and crawled off to lick their wounds. The failed strategy was obvious to most folks early on, but now only the denial crowd continues on their fool's errand. Get some help for your fixation while there's still time.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it will be difficult to dial back all the bullshit once premiums go into freefall and we return to a federal budget surplus.

Obozo frees the (health care) slaves. Like Abe, FDR, and JKF, he will go down as a national icon.

George And John Mitchell said...

You're a real fucking asshole, Dad29.