Saturday, December 07, 2013

Want "Income Equality"? EARN It!

Interesting data from the Census Bureau here. of the main factors in explaining differences in income among U.S. households is the number of earners per household. Also, the unadjusted ratio of average income for the highest to lowest quintile of 15.8 times ($181,905 to $11.490), falls to a ratio of only 3.5 times when comparing “income per earner” of the two quintiles: $89,169 for the top fifth to $25,533 for the bottom fifth....

IOW, the prattle of Obozo is almost meaningless.

As usual.


Anonymous said...

So poorer families tend to have more children. This is a surprise?

In other words, your post is meaningless.

And nobody is asking for income equality.

Anonymous said...

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John Mitchell said...

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