Wednesday, December 04, 2013

How to Keep Some Cash During ObozoCare

So.  You've signed up for ObozoCare.  You'll pay more in premiums, and pay a LOT more in co-pays and deductibles.

Congratulations!!  You'll know the suffering of the lower class by the end of 2014!

Then it will get worse!!

...Blumenauer’s bill, H.R. 3638, would set up a Road Usage Fee Pilot Program, which he said would study mileage-based fee systems. He cast his bill as a long-term solution for funding highway programs, and proposed it along with a shorter-term plan to nearly double the gas tax, from 18.4 cents to 33.4 cents per gallon....

(For you low-info folks, Blumenauer is a Democrat.)

Here's your solution:  go to work for the RoadBuilders, who will back Blumenauer's bill with all their might and main.  Keep your regular job, too; that way you might be able to afford ObozoCare AND a car!!


Anonymous said...

I navigated the website yesterday in 35 minutes. Prem., deduct. and co-pays for silver plans were in line with most employer plans and that was without subsidies.

What are you going to hold on to if this thing becomes popular? I'd almost feel bad for you if you weren't so wrong about everything all of the time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anoy1 did you also see the Easter Bunny?

Anonymous said...

If it was the Easter Bunny, I saw it too. I've had the same experience.

Anonymous said...

Yeah looks like a family of four can get an 80/20, $4K deduct. $12k max. out-of-pocket, $12 co-pay for around $900/mo. That's without any subsidy. That's not cheap, but it's in line with most employee plans. If you earn less than$94k/ household income and your employer doesn't offer insurance, it'll be cheaper.

Anonymous said...

"...then it will get worse."

Actually over the next 10 years it will get even better. If you're still around in 2023 I'll make sure to remind you of your embarrassing ramblings from 10 years earlier.

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the 80/20 plan I described earlier

Your apology is accepted in advance, Daddio.

Dad29 said...

but it's in line with most employee plans

No, it's not. It may be in line with ultra-cheapo employee plans, but it's not on the same planet as State/County/Muni employee plans, nor of "most" plans I'm aware of in the private sector.

Nice try.

Dad29 said...

over the next 10 years it will get even better

Because unicorns!!

Only yesterday the Obozites announced that there will be a new $60 BILLION tax on health insurance companies--which will raise rates by about 3%/year for the next 5 years running.

Hope you can walk to the grocery store to dumpster-dive; you won't have money for actual shopping.

But you can eat Unicorn shit, just like you're doing today.

Anonymous said...

"It may be in line with ultra-cheapo employee plans, but it's not on the same planet as State/County/Muni employee plans, nor of "most" plans I'm aware of in the private sector."

1. No one is talking about state/muni plans. And since when did you care about state/muni employees?

2. You must not be aware of a lot private sector plans because I can name you three large corporations where exchange costs are slightly higher, but in line with employer bennies/costs. Y'know, not everyone works for GE or CAT. Keep in mind that premiums in WI would be even lower, had Gov. Walker accepted Fed. Medicaid dollars which he didn't. MN. residents are paying almost half of what we are here in WI.

And, of course, the recent news that health care costs have begun to slow doesn't bode well for your circle jerk of blogger buddies either.

Anonymous said...

And to further prove you wrong on State/Muni plans -

Anonymous said...

When Rush Limbaugh attacks the Popozo, who does Dud29 stand with? St. Peter's watching...

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with a user fee funding system for roads?

Where are you seeing inequity in that Dad?

For you low info bloggers the very same thing has been proposed by GOP legislators and our Republican DOT Secretary right here in WI.

The roadbuilders feed on a bipartisan diet.

Dad29 said...

user fee funding system for roads?

Nothing is wrong with that. But there are a lot of NON-road uses for gasoline. Roadbuilders and farmers are already exempt from the fuel tax--what about lawn-cutters, snow-blowers, and rec-vehicle users?