Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"Nice Little Insurance Company You Have....."

Wonder no longer how Obozo "persuaded" insurers to enroll non-paying applicants.

"It's still unclear how much cooperation HHS will get from insurers, who have been asked to extend payment deadlines into January, cover people's drugs and medical treatment if they are between plans and allow people to sign up later than Dec. 23 to get insurance Jan. 1. Health industry consultant Kip Piper said HHS doesn't have the authority to enforce what he calls these "political requests." But HHS said it will consider insurers' cooperation now when it decides which ones can participate on the insurance exchanges next year--AOSHQ quoting USAToday

Not all that different from circuit judges (i.e., popular but not successful lawyers) ordering private business-owners to serve clientele regardless of personal religious beliefs, ya'know.  I mean, whose business IS it, anyway, since you didn't build it?

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