Thursday, December 19, 2013

Smooth Move, Rep. Ryan & Sen. RoJo

Seems that the 'really responsible' budget deal papered together by Ryan smacked disabled combat veterans' pensions.  Not by much, to be sure; and it's "only" a rate-of-increase reduction. 

Turns out that doesn't play well where the voters live (you may remember those places, Paul and Ron).

And by the way:  what's the "rate of growth" of Congressional pensions?


Anonymous said...

I have sex with homeless Vietnam vets.

Anonymous said...

"(you may remember those places, Paul and Ron)."

Don't worry, wunderkind and Plastic Ron, Dad29 will still support you come election time! Unless, of course, he heeds the call from the patriots of yesteryear and decides to run for office (since he has the answers).