Thursday, December 12, 2013

"We Encourage Your Assistance. Have You Met the IRS?"

The IRS may have a lot of insurance-company audits coming soon.

The December 23rd enrollment deadline? Time to move that to next month. The deadline to pay your first month of premiums? Let’s go ahead and move that back too. Emergency treatment needed from an out-of-network provider? It’d be swell if that was covered the same way in-network treatments are. And what if your coverage is temporarily screwed up in January when you desperately need your prescriptions refilled? HHS “strongly encourages” insurers to pick up the slack.

IOW, the Trainwreck is so bad that the Obozoites are "encouraging" insurers to fuggedabout non-payment of premiums, horribly late filings, and all those silly details.

And--as others have found out--saying "no" is not good for business, except that of the IRS.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to see your concern for the small percentile affected by this. For the other 80 percent of us....yawn.

John Mitchell said...

Cry some more, you whiny cunt. Either run for office, or SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Anonymous said...

Another low-quality comment from little Johnny. It's sad the liberal mind is so small.

John Mitchell said...

Deranged doppelganger strikes again.

Dad29 said...

In only one year it WILL be the other 80%, stupid.

Anonymous said...

Based on your past predictions (President Giuliani anyone?) the Chicken Little squawking on ACA reassures us it will improve dramatically in the months ahead for folks who don't have your gold-plated health insurance plan.

Dad29 said...


Never backed Giuliani, never much liked the guy.

Obviously, you're a genius. You can tell me why Company XYZ will pay $15K/year in premiums--or $10K, or $7.5K--when they can dump their employees to ObozoCare and pay $2K/year instead?

Get back to me on that.