Monday, December 30, 2013

Yahoo!? Nope. SBC

Nice play, SBC.

After we were told by an SBC techie that only Yahoo!! could remedy the problem, Yahoo!! referred us back to SBC due to "contract terms."

Thankfully, after laboring through SBC's automated phone/response tree twice, we found a competent and professional techie who cleared up the mess in about 10 minutes.

He would have been very helpful 6 days ago.

Now we're off to see what can be done about our bank's "online service" which is also inoperative and has been so for about 4 weeks.  Seems that the bank went through a conversion and their "a few days" is directly comparable to ObozoCare's online steaming pile.

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GOR said...

Hmmm. Might that be a bank whose HQ is north of the border...?

USCellular also went through a conversion of their accounting system - in July. Still not fixed...!