Saturday, August 18, 2012

Whose John Doe Probe IS This, Anyway?

A strange--if not wierd--turn of events.

...a Milwaukee County assistant DA’s seemingly private request for public records in the Gov. Scott Walker-related John Doe investigation was “rather unusual” and “odd.”

In a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel story this week reporting that the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s super-secret investigation, the piece notes the prosecutor sought state records apparently using his private email account.

That information isn’t apparent until some 15 paragraphs into the story, but it does report that Milwaukee County Assistant District Attorney David Robles made the open records request on June 18 without using official DA office letterhead. Robles also did not provide his job title, the story noted.

So it's a PERSONAL fishing expedition.

Jason Stein, [a JS reporter] add[ed] that Robles repeatedly refused to comment on the matter.

Yah, well, what's he going to say?  "I was nosey!"  Or maybe "I had nothing else to do this week!"

We may find out soon:

Wisconsin Reporter has an open records request filed with the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office seeking all information related to the probe.

That should be interesting.

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