Friday, August 31, 2012

Petty, and Proud of It!

Hard to believe that Priebus tacitly condones this crap.

...With the Rules meeting itself, the first problem was attendance. Many, many of our supporters simply didn’t make it there do to buses that were up to an hour late to pick them up, (Morton Blackwell of Virginia had this problem). Many of them who didn’tmake it would have been additional signatures to our petition. But they started the meeting anyway, introducing a motion to ratify the final report of last Friday with the exception of the rule 16 compromise language...

...As the meeting was going on, we were circulating our minority report petition. At one point, the male delegate from Massachusetts snatched it out of the hands of the lady from North Dakota, refusing to give it back after repeated demands, resulting in a shoving match...

(We saw this crap at an Elmbrook School Board meeting.  At that time, the Petty Dictator/Document Grabber was the Superintendent, who was canned 'retired' and replaced by Matt Gibson.)

...After the final vote was over, according to party rules, we had one hour to file our minority reports, and, according to Rules, they have to be filed with either the committee chair, secretary, or convention secretary. Of course, after the meeting, they were no where to be found....

Kinda like watching seventh grade all over again.

HT:  Malkin

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Saint Revolution said...

Just another proof it is ALL broken.

It doesn't matter which party and which politician.

Why do you think the WWWsphere calls him Rombama?!

Even Ron Paul and Paul Ryan are supposed term limits supporters who are also career politicians...I mean, how is that again?!

"Isn't there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?".