Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sloppy Thinking, Silly Results

A couple of locals suffer from Terminal Confusion Syndrome (TCS).

I experienced the "Catholic" identity as part of a greater whole, and this greater Body was anointed to bring"glad tidings to the poor."

Yes.  That's the charge given to the Church.  Not the Gummint.

...I believe that Representative Ryan's budget proposal is immoral. However, a deeper examination of its consequences makes me believe it is not just immoral but un-American. Why? Because it ensures liberty for some--those already financially secure--at the expense of justice for all,...

Someday, the priest might look up the word "justice" in a dictionary.  Until then, he can not be taken seriously.



Anonymous said...

Dolan's Silly Thinking.
what fruit will it bear?

neomom said...

Hi Dad,

I've been lurking, but got tired of beating my head against the Strupp/Jim wall... But saw this one and thought of this post.

Dad29 said...

Strupp's intellect is above room temperature, although he's wrong about a lot of things.

"Jim"--the Planned Parenthood houseplant? I leave his stuff up here so that others might see how a sub-moronic IQ works.