Friday, August 31, 2012

Eastwood Was Very Good, Indeed

The Beltway Class (both Left and Right) didn't like it, and it had a few rough spots.

But that's improv, and it was funny, not to mention loaded with zingers.

He made my day.

HT:  Ticker and Trog


Jim said...

Actually the Clint Eastwood segment was a perfect representation of the Republican National Convention, its candidates, "conservative" pundits, and the Republican party:

A crotchety old man ranting on and on about an imaginary version of President Obama.

Saint Revolution said...

TO: Jim:

This from a crotchety old unemployed Northern California liberalocratic bankgster hypocrite baby-killer man ranting on and on about HIS imaginary version of Otrauma.


Jim said...

More santorem from San Torem.