Saturday, August 18, 2012

This Will Have Consequences

EPA's 15% corn-liquor rule may stand, said a Fed appeals court.

...E15 causes serious problems. The same people who manufacture the engines which have to burn these modified fuels have told us that as many as 5 million cars from 2001 and beyond could have their engines damaged by the hotter running fuel.

[That is to say, cars manufactured in 2001 and before].

The AVERAGE car on US roads today is slightly over 10 years old--built in 2002 or so. 

EPA will place 5 million vehicles which are serviceable and serving, but not showpieces, at risk of melted-engine syndrome.

Did the EPA order a few hundred thousand rounds of .357 like Social Security did? 

They may need it.


Billiam said...

My cycle is already having issues with e-10. Great. Just great. People are such sheep.

Anonymous said...

read this one....

Anonymous said...

Dad, here is More Corn-a-holing news......hope you find it useful.

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Requests EPA Waive Ethanol Mandate; Cites Severe Economic Harm in State

Latest Ethanol Mandate Raises Ire of Motorcyclists

Appeals Court Rejects E15 Challenge

...............Automobile manufacturers have told Congress that vehicle warranties will not cover damage caused by E15. Blends of 15 percent ethanol are referred to as E15, while concentrations of 10 percent and 85 percent are called E10 and E85. At least 25 U.S. senators and 156 House members have signed letters asking Lisa Jackson, administrator of the EPA.................

National Marine Manufacturers Association is reviewing its litigation options to challenge allowing E15 into the fuel supply.

American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) President Charles Drevna: EPA was totally off base certifying a fuel that is incompatible with engines today.....

Automaker tests show damage to older car engines from running on E15 ethanol

Warranties void on cars burning E15, say automakers

Outdoor power equipment manufacturers: Ethanol Fuels Power Equipment Debate

EPA’s E-15 ethanol plan rammed though – won’t work in many cars

With Sales Imminent, Ethanol Blend’s Impact on Engine Durability Remains Contentious

Court’s Ethanol Decision Jeopardizes Historic Vehicles, Specialty Parts

Twelve Automakers Oppose EPA's E15 Fuel Proposal

Court Decision on E15 Waiver a Huge Loss for American Consumers

Obama's E15 push puts King Corn before consumers