Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Nothing New in Obamism

He could have summed it up this way:

“Nothing outside or above the state, nothing against the state, everything within the state, everything for the state.” Fascism rejected the natural law, insisting that rights are granted by the state, not God. The state transcended mere individuals and was “the immanent conscience of the nation.

....but he called it "Hope 'n Change" instead.

The original is from B. Mussolini.


Saint Revolution said...

Funny how the full inception of ObamaCare happens in 2014, exactly three decades past Orwellian 1984.


The unholy trinity: satan, antichrist, and the false prophet.

Can I borrow a razor blade, Winston? I have a job to do...

Anonymous said...

Got the guts to do what you claim you will do, Timmy? Or is it idle chit-chat.