Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dickens on Republican Fake-Conservatives

The man Dickens was ahead of his time.  Or maybe Gummint drones have always been thus.  In any case, we now have the Irony of the Week.

...It is true that How not to do it was the great study and object of all public departments and professional politicians all round the Circumlocution Office. It is true that every new premier and every new government, coming in because they had upheld a certain thing as necessary to be done, were no sooner come in than they applied their utmost faculties to discovering How not to do it. It is true that from the moment when a general election was over, every returned man who had been raving on hustings because it hadn’t been done, and who had been asking the friends of the honourable gentleman in the opposite interest on pain of impeachment to tell him why it hadn’t been done, and who had been asserting that it must be done, and who had been pledging himself that it should be done, began to devise, How it was not to be done…. All this is true, but the Circumlocution Office went beyond it.  --PJMedia quoting Dickens

The irony?

The author uses the quote to flog Akin rather than the "pro-life" Ken Doll, Romney.

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