Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Green Card "Geniuses"? Not Really

The erstwhile Prof Matloff blows apart Big Cheap-Labor's mantra.

...only about 35% of [Cal State's] master's degrees are earned by foreign students.  But anecdotal information indicates that the [Cal State East Bay] program is typical among schools of that level.  This jibes with the old NSF study cited by David North, which found that among PhD programs, the lower the ranking, the higher the proportion of international students.

This of course flies in the face of the "best and brightest" claims made by the industry lobbyists concerning the H-1Bs hired off U.S. university campuses.  It thus also has implications for the "staple a green card to
their diplomas" bills.  I must once again make the disclaimer that every school, regardless of reputational ranking has a few extremely bright students, but nevertheless the average quality of the students at CSUEB
is far below that of Stanford, across the bay.  Proponents of the "staple" bills paint a picture of granting green cards to tens of thousands of geniuses, and it just ain't so.

But they're a helluvalot cheaper than US citizens, ya' know.

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