Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Hide-and-Seek of EPA; Next On the "Eliminate" List

You can read the top of the article for background.

Here's the nuts of it:

The request simply asks for all communications between the EPA’s Offices, which entered into the legal agreement, and the eleven groups which sued the Agency including the Sierra Club, Chesapeake Climate Change Network and Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Not surprisingly, the EPA is stonewalling the request demanding that the costs of compiling the data be paid for by Americans for Limited Government in spite of the fact that the group has followed the exact procedures under the law which dictate that the information should be provided free of charge.  Similar Americans for Limited Government FOIA requests have been delivered without fee by more than a dozen other federal government departments and agencies.  Yet, the EPA objects.

EPA is way past providing useful services for the country.  Too bad Romney doesn't have the cojones to simply dump this pile of slime down the sewer.

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