Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Double-Dealing? Napolitano? NNOOOOOO!!

Strike a deal with a Democrat, lose big on the renege.

...“Even though she denied the waiver request, Secretary Napolitano expressed her Department’s desire to work with Furie ‘to find an equitable way to allow transportation of your rig to Cook Inlet [Alaska]‘ and invited Furie’s representatives to meet immediately with DHS officials to discuss mitigation of any Jones Act penalties,” Furie says in the complaint.

CBP Assitant Commissioner Allen Gina told Furie that he would recommend that the Jones Act penalty not exceed 15 percent of the value of the vessel, and that promise — together with Napolitano’s letter  –  resulted in Furie towing their rig to Alaska in order to begin drilling for natural gas. It was towed by a foreign ship from the Gulf to Vancouver, and then American tug boats towed it from Vancouver to Alaska.

That was then.  This is now:

CBP hit Furie with the maximum penalty of $15 million for using a foreign ship on the first leg of the trip and refused to review Furie’s appeals.

Lie, cheat, steal, and murder pre-born babies.  It's the Democrat Way!!


Anonymous said...

It was towed by
a foreign ship from the
Gulf to Vancouver.

they need to pay the fine.

They deserve what they got for using a foreign ship.

Anonymous said...

Double dealing Democrats?
Double dealing Republicans?
They get what they deserve. They need to pay.
Their all Statist anyway and the law no longer matters

But I suppose its okay if these Paulbot folks get screwed,
eh Dad?

Anonymous said...

Double dealing Corporations

Screw GE, Screw Goldman Sachs, Screw Romney.

Anonymous said...

Double dealing Cardinals

I suppose do as I say not as I do applys?

Dad29 said...

Anony would help if you actually read the linked article.

But maybe that's beyond your skills.

union shill...