Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Our Plan....Worked!!"--Part 3

"Our Plan Worked!!" said the Nincompoop-in-Chief.  So the question:  what IS your real plan??

Because if THAT is 'the plan'.........

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Anonymous said...


Have you read:

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Jim said...

The "plan" to which he was referring was the Bill Clinton plan of smart regulation and slightly higher taxes that ended his second term with a budget surplus.

On the other hand, Obama's 2009 predictions were made before the depth of the recession was realized. Still, since the bottom of the recession in mid-2009, over 4 million private sector jobs have been created and the stock market has been going gang busters. Nine out of eleven major studies have shown that the stimulus worked and the the other two said it didn't do much.

So the stimulus "plan" has worked and would have worked even better if the GOP had not sworn to deprive Obama of any success regardless of the harm doing so would cause the country.

As far as predictions go, I remember someone saying, "Nobody could have predicted that terrorists would highjack airplanes and fly them into buildings." Just a little trip down memory lane.

J. Strupp said...


Don't even waste your time. I tried years ago to explain this idea on here.