Monday, August 27, 2012

A Very Good Question for Gov. Romney

Seems that Gov. Romney hasn't had anything to say about this.

...Former U.S. presidents seldom publicly criticize the current occupants of the White House. It is even more unusual for them to criticize a sitting president who belongs to their own party. But this did not prevent Jimmy Carter from criticizing Barack Obama’s policy asserting the president’s right to murder Americans at will without due process in an article he wrote for the New York Times....

As we all know, that "right", in Obozo's mind, is very broad indeed.

...Obama’s assertion of a presidential right to assassinate Americans was also publicly criticized by Ta-Nehisi Coates, a senior editor at The Atlantic.  Despite being an Obama supporter, he astutely observed that “from this point forward the presidency means the right to unilaterally declare American citizens to be American enemies, and then kill them.”...

By the way, the entire process can be stamped "Top Secret" so that nobody knows what happened to Citizen X, Y, or Z.


...despite their claims to be defenders of the U.S. Constitution, neither Mitt Romney nor Paul Ryan has, to the best of my knowledge, said a single word to protest this incredible violation of the U.S. Constitution, due process of law and basic human rights.

It is insanity to hold that only 'good guys in white hats' will occupy the Oval Office.  Both LBJ and Tricky Dick were slimeballs, ya' know.  This is why I've never supported the "Patriot" Act (which, you note, has not "sunsetted").

Let us not allow Lord Acton to be proven correct, again.  It's time for RomRyan to denounce this crap.


Saint Revolution said...

William Wallace lost his life for a bunch of apathetic passivists...much like the US constituency presently.

Any people that would...:
elect the Clinton(s), Bush(es), and Obamas of the world,
nominate the McCains and Rombamas of the world,
tolerate the complete corrupt Hillarys and Pelosis of the world,
accept abortion as law,
look the other way at an disassociated "Supreme" Court,
put up with being sexually assaulted at airports,
passively pay taxes while reams of news sails through the blogosphere on how every one of the taxpayers are being financially raped by the entitled statists,
continue to tolerate local, municipal, state, regional, and federal salaries, pensions, healthcare, and federal enploye contempt for US taxpayers,
stand by and simply watch local law enforcement being paramilitaristically and financially "ratcheted up" with tax dollars,
believe income tax, or ANY unapportioned tax, is legal and/or constitutional,
accept domestic drones overhead,
not even peruse, much less read, The Patriot Act, ObamaCare, NDAA, and scores of other legislation affecting birthright freedoms,
allow H1-B, PERM, Affirmative Craption, and other lunacy "laws" to cost millions of Americans their STEM and other jobs,
accept that 9/11 was about "war on terror",
believe in an electoral college,
believe in an "Supreme" Court,
believe cops are there to "protect and serve",
believe the US justice system, including judges, lawyers, et. al., is fair, unbiased, and operates for the people,
believe that Obama was US born, "legally" changed his name, and is not a treasonous traitor of The USA,
accept a KKK Nazi entity such the likes of the IRS,
blindly pay statists extortion "fear payments", otherwise known as taxes, to alleviate fear of reprisal, otherwise known as tyrannical oppression,
believe ANY politician or bureaucrat has your best interests in mind,
tolerate treatment by DMV, TSA, IRS, Wall Street, and all other forms of public/private corrupt ilk,
allow filth like Family Guy, Britney Spears, HollyWood, and public education to corrupt our beautiful children,
not ever read The Bible cover-to-cover even once during their lifetimes...

...aren't worth chopping the head off Big Brother for.

Famous quote:
"Get your heads out of your asses, sheople.".
--Saint Revolution

Anonymous said...

"not ever read The Bible cover-to-cover even once during their lifetimes..."

There's a difference between reading the Bible and actually adhering to its tenets, St. Revolution. Perhaps you ought to practice what you allegedly preach.